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  • Course Code:  Qut01

  • Term:  August 2014

  • Start Date:  Feb 13 2015

  • End Date:  Dec 29 2015

  • Duration:  46 weeks

  • Course Author(s)
    Professor Peter Corke

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Original Price:   $ 100.00   USD
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Robotic Vision Sandpit

August 2014

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    Professor Peter Corke


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Thank you for taking part in the Robotic Vision MOOC trial. The trial is a 3 week portion of the full Robotic Vision MOOC which will run early next year. The trial will begin 17th November, 2014 and run until 5th December, 2014.


About the Robotic Vision MOOC

Robotic Vision is a course designed to introduce you to the field of computer vision, including the fundamental mathematics and algorithms that underpin computer vision. You will learn how to interpret images to determine the size, shape and position of objects in the scene and we will work with you to build an intelligent vision system that can recognise objects of different colours and shapes. 


About the trial

As you work through the trial each week, there will be video lectures, quizzes, exercises using MATLAB and work towards building a robotic vision system. We expect you will spend about 6-8 hours per week. We also ask your feedback as you work through the MOOC.

Some of you who have the prerequisite skills and knowledge should participate fully in the quizzes and exercises. Those who don’t have the mathematical and programming experience should participate in the trial as if you do but you don’t feel you need to supply correct answers . We still need users to test the system.  Please let us know which group you belong to, we will give you assistance wherever you need it.



For the purposes of the trial it would help to know some basic programing, (either of MATLAB or of an object-oriented programming  language) and some of the following areas of maths: matrices, vectors and spaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors. We’ve included links to khan academy on these topics. If you need to, you should view these in week 0 – Getting Started.



Progress through the Course

Here’s how you’ll work through the course


Getting Started

Take this week to familiarise yourself with the site, watch the introduction video, introduce yourself with a post to the discussion forum, view any prerequisite videos you need to.


Weeks 1-3 
  • View the videos and complete the quick quiz questions as you go
  • Complete the xxx quiz.
  • Complete the programming/MATLAB exercise
  • Complete any required work on the robot project
  • Post any questions you have to the forum 
  • Provide feedback


If you have any issues, queries, comments or feedback please contact moocs@qut.edu.au.


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Robotic Vision Sandpit

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